1806 Plouquet is founded

Foundation of the international company by Christoph Friedrich Ploucquet,
a cloth dyer and cloth maker, in Heidenheim, Brenz.

1840 From trade to manufacturing

Installation of a commission weaving mill with 300
mechanical weaving looms. Purchase of a piece dye works.

1903 Start of export activities

Diversification into dyes, materials, lining materials, and waterproof impregnation.
First activities in export markets.

1922 Industrial Development

Construction of new industrial dyeing and finishing plants.
Company starts to manufacture outdoor and sports materials.

1938 Expansion

Construction and purchase of weaving mills with 1,000 looms.
First experiences with wood pulp and artificial silk.

2000 Ploucquet today

Purchase of factory in Zittau and foundation of
textile finishing company Ploucquet GmbH.